We Love to be Different

Save your Health one  juice at a time


When you drink a juice made with non-organic produce, what you are drinking is not juice, but a glass full of synthetic pesticides, GMOs, and petroleum-based fertilizers. Our mission is to nourish your body and not to poison it, and our goal is to make juices full of nutrients and not full of chemicals, and that's why we make our juices with organic produce to help you get stronger, healthier without harming your body.


  • Higher nutrient content because it does not travel long distances. The longer produce travels and stay on the shelf the more nutrients get lost
  • Fresher fruits and veggies with more flavor
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Waste-free packaging in which help the environment with climate change
  • It supports  local farmers and the local economy
  • Cut back on greenhouse emissions

How are we different

Made-to-order juices and benefits

Do you ever wonder why it's so hard to have easy access to fresh and real juice? It shouldn't be, at Farm to Bottle Juices we ensure our juices are made with real food and are pressed right before your delivery time.

Juices made with only real food 

We all have a right to know every ingredient in the products we buy, and to make a choice whether to consume it.

At Farm to Bottle Juices, we list every ingredient our juices are made with and ONLY use organic ingredients, with NO preservatives all while supporting our core values with full transparency. 

Farm to Bottle Juices has a shelf life of 3-4 days because real food does spoil!

We help our community 

Our goal is to promote health awareness by helping our community to learn and to have easy access to information that will help them start and reach any nutritional goals or any nutritional challenges they might be facing.
As we grow, we hope to be able to support young Chefs who share our beliefs to realize their dreams by offering scholarships. (more information coming soon)

Biodegradable paper bottles, labels & bags

Packaging with plastic is one of the number #1 form of pollution. We minimize the use of plastics wherever possible. We use paper bags when possible, biodegradable labels in each of our products, and our bottles have a shell made from bamboo and sugarcane, and a bottle made with ENSO Restore™ an additive that transforms the bottle to 65% Landfill Biodegradable and 100% recyclable. By the end of 2020, we will be introducing our 98% landfill biodegradable bottle.

Why paper bottles

After a long search for the perfect bottle to help us make a difference by reducing plastic waste, we finally found an amazing bottle that potentially could help our planet but not so much our product, Why? well the bottle wasn't clear, and for people to see our amazing juices through that paper bottle was impossible and that probably mean fewer sales, so we had to take a big decision: "do we go for a bottle that would affect our planet, and help our business by making more sales" or "do we go for this amazing paper bottle and have a big impacting in our planet  by reducing plastic waste but sacrificing our product by people not being able to see our juices through the bottle and making fewer sales", as is essential for people to see a product in order to make a decision to buy it or not.

After discussing and realizing the big impact and difference that we could make on the planet, we knew that we must take responsibility for our products and decided to do the "right thing", after all that's one of our core values: "to do the right thing and transparency" and hoping that even though our juice would not be visible once is in our bottle, people would still fall in love with them.

Paper Bottles FQA

Why are Paper Water Bottles better? Paper Water Bottles are designed to help reduce the amount of plastic in the world. Ideally, all used plastic would be recycled. However, in the US less than 9% of all plastics are being recycled. Much of it ends up in the landfill as well. Our Juice Bottle solves that problem by being landfill biodegradable* and completely recyclable.

What does the term “landfill biodegradable” mean? When plastic (or any other material) degrades from the action of naturally occurring microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and algae as found in all landfills. Biodegradation can occur in either aerobic (with oxygen) or anaerobic (without oxygen) environments.

How does the barrier work? The barrier is a thin liner separating the bottle contents from the pulp outer shell. The pulp outer shell provides the bottle’s structural strength, allowing us to reduce the amount of barrier material needed.

What are the pulp components made of? The pulp is made from renewable bamboo and bagasse (sugar cane pulp).

How do Paper Water Bottles convert to clean energy? Moisture and naturally occurring microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi and algae) exist in landfills. They transform the bottle into inert humus (dirt) and biogas (including methane). Many municipalities collect biogases from their landfills and use it to generate electricity.

Is the entire bottle landfill biodegradable? Does it convert to clean energy? 98% of Paper Water Bottle is biodegradable*...only the cap liner is not. In a modern landfill, 98% by weight will convert to clean energy.

Is the whole bottle recyclable? Yes... Paper Water Bottle is 100% recyclable. Just separate the pulp outer shell from the inner barrier.